We founders, Anne, Mika, and Niclas, created Forum4Edu because we felt that there is at a global level a gap between research and higher education. And this gap is visible at the individual thinking and behaving, too! Let’s consider an average university professor and research: the more publications and visibility, the better. However, who knows anything about teaching from this very same professor?

Recruitment, ranking systems, and compensation schemes are heavily biased towards research. Plus, there is very little up-to-date support for developing your teaching skills.

We Forum4Edu founders are all enthusiastic teachers, education researchers and developers, and we see that education deserves more emphasis in academia. Forum4Edu aims to take academics to the next level of teaching.

How to do that?
It is finally time to use the best practices from research – peer review approach – for enhancing higher education. We do this by supporting academics in developing their

  • pedagogical skills and competencies, especially in utilising a rich variety of digital tools for blended learning and teaching,
  • self-reflection and ability to make their competences visible and turning all this into a competitive advantage especially when applying for academic positions

As our background is in both education and natural resources, we promote the fulfillment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals on different levels. Forum4Edu supports teachers in higher education with the skills and conceptual understanding regarding how to integrate the principles of sustainability into their teaching.

Our work is based on relevant and timely research regarding the quality of teaching and learning in higher education.